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Affiliate Marketing Strategy For 6 Figures Monthly 2020

Affiliate marketing strategy is a must have if you are into this business or you wish to be part of. The strategy am about to teach you right now is very easy and profitable. All you have to do is to read, learn and take action.

Helo world,

I am Austin Weather, welcome to my blog, in this post am going to teach you about affiliate marketing and basically the easy/smart strategy 2020 that will profit you. Is just a 5 minutes read. Don’t jump out rather get a jotter.

Affiliate marketing is one of the highest paying online businesses right now. Is easy and profitable, requires little investment and lesser time.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

I believe an undergraduate or a degree holder should have a little knowledge of what affiliate marketing is. Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing where by an individual gets committed by selling a merchant product to be rewarded with a commission. He doesn’t spend time creating the product or buying them directly from the manufacturers or shipping them. His only job is to promote and sell the products.

Kind of Affiliate marketing platforms

There are many affiliate marketing platforms and ecommerce websites that use affiliate marketing as one of their marketing techniques.

They are;

  • Clickbank
  • JVzoo
  • Warriorplus
  • Amazon
  • Alibaba and many more.

Most people go for Clickbank, JVzoo and Warriorplus because of these reasons. The vendors there usually offers 50% commission

  • They sell digital products like softwares, ebooks, video courses etc
  • They are mainly for vendors and affiliate marketers
  • The products sold there are unique, not something like clothes, watches that everybody is selling

Saying that Affiliate marketing is easy doesn’t mean that is that easy, is just that you can’t compare it with other types of online business, like dropshipping, forex trading, E – learning, owing an ecommerce website because they require much time, high risk factor, high capital and too much dedication.

Affiliate marketing strategy

For you to be a high earning affiliate marketer you need tools, formula and strategies. Above all, you have to be smart.

Knowing that Affiliate marketing is easy, not that easy actually, smiles, forgive me just try to understand where i’m going. There are three factors required in my strategy for affiliate marketing that determine your success, bang figures monthly and live that lifestyle you have been hungry for.

These three factors are;

  1. Building an Email List
  2. Nurturing Your List
  3. Monetization

My next step now is to explain these three factors. Each factor has two different strategies to process them and they are; the hard/old strategy and the smart/easy strategy. They all can result to success is just that one is very easy and simple.

Everybody will go for the smart/easy way, I believe

Building An Email List

Building an email list is the number one factor to consider as an affiliate marketer. To do these you need these tools which are.

  • Domain name registration and hosting
  • Drag and drop websites builder, eg. Instabuilder
  • Lead magnet: a gift you give people in exchange of their emails
  • Email autoresponder, for sending automated emails to your customers eg Mailchimp, Aweber, Getresponses etc
  • Traffic

The Hard/Old Strategy

In the hard way you have to pay for all these tools in different platforms therefore making everything complicated and difficult for you. Also, you spend too much time and money getting them.

For instance,

  • You pay about $10 for a domain name and like $35-$80 in hosting
  • You pay for a monthly plan to instabuilder
  • Lead magnet, to get a lead magnet you have to spend a lot of money buying resell right products, you need valuable ones for monetization too
  • You pay for email autoresponder monthly tooFor traffic, you have to spend a lot in fb ads, google ads, etc

DFY Lead Funnel

Before i write about the Easy/Smart strategy of Building and email list let me give you a glance of the software responsible in making Email Listing very easy including the other two factors.

Technology grows everyday and the main aim of new technology is just to make things fast and easy. A new software was launched this month, called DFY Lead Funnel, first of It’s kind 3-In-1 Lead Funnel Suite. The three in one tool in it are;

  1. A Lead generator
  2. Lead Nurturing
  3. And Lead monetization…

These tools make the three factors required in Affiliate marketing very easy and simple, with low expenses respectively.

Affiliate marketing strategy with Dfy lead funnel software

Just like the name DFY(Done for you) that is, everything is done for you in one platform. With this software, there are zero complications and difficulties, everything is done for you. All you have to do is a little branding and customising.


NB: These software is not only for Affiliate marketers, an information marketer, an online tutor, a digital products creator can use it too

Back to base,

Easy/Smart Strategy of Building an email list.

As we all know ‘Smart work always rules over Hard work‘ When you buy this software now, building an email list will be very easy for you. It offers you a full lead generation tools, which are;

  • 50 lead magnets
  • 50 squeeze and thank you pages for your leads
  • No domain or hosting required(but you have options to buy a custom domain)
  • Ability to connect to 23 autoresponder
  • Done for you VSLs for all lead magnets
  • Free viral traffic to 20 social media platforms,
  • Done for you Email swipes for all email marketing(valuable for solo traffic)
  • Done for you Ad banners and copy for all lead magnets(for paid Ads)

With DFY lead funnel you don’t need to be hunting for valuable lead magnets, purchasing a domain and hosting plan, wasting time & money in setting up any squeeze/thank you pages and spending a fortune to send traffic to these pages.

Nurturing your list

This is one of the most important factors that must be handled carefully. if you are not nurturing subscribers in your list, they will unsubscribe and you lose them forever therefore you have to make sure you nurture them very well with valuable influential information, content and offers. This will keep them in your list, make you beneficial to them and above all, you will earn their trust.

Hard/Old Strategy of Nurturing your list

This strategy takes the most of your time because you have to spend time composing great contents, you have to learn about a topic you want to compose first. Sometimes it results in paying for online courses because Information in this modern days are expensive. Before you do a giveaway you must buy a valuable PLR product or you create yours. Most affiliate marketers hire copywriters to compose messages for them. Using the hard way can lead to that too. As a beginner you won’t even know what to write.

The Easy/Smart Strategy of Nurturing

The only thing that makes it very easy to nurture your subscribers is by using this powerful software i have been talking about(DFY LEAD FUNNEL) Like I said this software has tools collectively called Lead Nurturing.

These tools consist of 50 already written engaging messages, contents and information that you can easily send your subscribers. This shows them the value in you. And anytime you want to give them a free offer. You send them any of the 50 lead magnets which are ebooks, software, video courses etc.

Can you see how important this software is in affiliate marketing. Let’s move to the last factor, which is Monetization.


This factor is about your goal because after all these you have to make money. That’s a must, you’re supposed to make money. This factor requires you to get an affiliate link to a product you want to promote, study the product well and then send a campaign message to your subscribers. The most important tool in this factor are bonuses.

Bonuses are what you give your subscribes if they purchase the product you are promoting. Bonuses makes them buy from you regardless of other affiliate marketers promoting the same product you are also promoting. For you to get high sales you have to make sure your bonuses are unique and irresistible.

NB: Bonuses and lead magnet are both the same thing. They are Softwares, Ebooks, video courses collectively, they are digital products. They are called lead magnets when they function as giveaways in return of getting emails and bonuses when they function as giveaways to make subscribers buy from you.

Hard/Old Strategy of Monetization

Using the hard strategy you have to get all these products(bonus) you are to give by;

  • Creating them
  • Signing up to PLR site(never free)
  • Buying resell right products

Nobody needs to tell you that following these steps is very difficult, requires a lot of time and money so you have no choice to follow the Easy/Smart way.

Easy/Smart Strategy of Monetization.

Nothing much is to be said here because with DFY lead funnel everything is done for you. The lead monetization tool you need consists of 50 products you can use as bonuses. These products involve all types of digital products. They are of high value and irresistible. All you have to do is to pick like 5 of your choices and use them as your bonuses.

In conclusion(affiliate marketing strategy)

DFY lead funnel is the best software for you now, do you can adopt to this affiliate marketing strategy. Thst is if you want to start making serious money online. You can use them as an information marketer affiliate marketer and an online tutor. Don’t tell me you will finish reading this post without taking action, change that your old stressful strategy to a new one.

Like i said someone that is inexperienced about affiliate marketing can use this my stragegy also. All you have to do is to get this software. Learn how to use it and you are up and going.



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