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How to target rich people in facebook & Instagram Ads

How to target rich people in Facebook or Instagram ads? you are at right spot if that what you search for. So grab a coffee or play your favourite music as you read. Don’t go anywhere is just a 5 minutes read.

The question is, Why do you want to target rich people? Answer: You target wealthy people based on the kind of product or service you offering. For instance, if you sell expensive products like cars, rolex watches, gold chains, gucci shoes etc. Or you offer service like traveller’s agency, real estate consultancy, even planning etc. 

Helo everyone, 

My name is Izuchukwu Iyoke also know as Austin Weather, nickname though. I’m a blogger and internet marketer. Welcome to my blog, in this post am going to teach how you can target rich people willing to buy your products. You matter any nich you are this method will give you huge ROI.

If you have the aim to target wealthy people in facebook advert these are the interest to choose. 

Expensive phone users

Targeting people with expensive phone is important, because people like this are usually extravagant. They love spending in what they love and they have money. Normally Apple & Samsung phones are usually expensive, so target apple users. How to target them

«Behavior — Mobile device user — All the mobile devices of this brand — Apple» you can narrow to models also. 

Frequent international travelers

People that travels abroad frequently are rich and egager to purchase your product if they like it. How to target them

«Behavior — Travels — People who regularly travel abroad».

Small enterprise owners

These are buisness owner that earns more than average. They are usually busy and won’t have time for physical shopping. In summary they are willing to buy from you. How to target them. 

Behavior — Online actions — Owners of small enterprises».

Online — buyers

These are group of people facebook categorized as people that usually buys online, from ads or pages or groups. 

How to target them

«Interests — Shopping and fashion — Shopping — Online shopping».

Engaged shoppers

These are category of people that recently engaged in an advert but didn’t complete by purchasing the product. 

How to target them

«Behaviors — Purchase Behavior — Engaged Shoppers».

Luxuries fans

These are lovers of luxury goods, facebook has detected these people by their action online. So if you are selling luxury products don’t forget to target them. 

Interests — Shopping and Fashion — Shopping — Luxury goods»

Restaurants lovers

People like this loves going out, eat and enjoy in expensive restaurants. 

How to target them

«Interests — Additional interests — Restaurants».

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