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Don’t Do these Mistakes while running FB & IG Ads

Don’t do these mistakes while fb or IG ads, this is a post every online entrepreneurs should read because some experts still do two or one of them

Helo world,

I am Austin Weather, welcome to my blog, It won’t be wise wasting all your money without an ROI because you don’t know how to run a Facebook advert. The worst is most small business owners don’t know how to do that. Some just feel that it is very easy and simple, this is the worst thought of all because these kind of people are mainly the people that waste their money in

1. Don’t run adverts in FB or IG mobile app:

My reason is that mobile apps have limitations, little options and above all, It sucks. You can’t write a detailed description of what you are selling. Videos more than 2 mins won’t be allowed for ads. Use a desktop version by visiting, very important 

2. Don’t run adverts if you don’t have attractive timeline, posts, cover, profile picture, bio:

When someone sees your ads, for him to buy from you he will like check everything about you(He can’t give you his money like that) . If he see a whacky stuff, he will bounce out but if everything is cool he will simply give you his trust. 

3. Don’t run advert directing customers to your website, rather use your landing page:

Running adverts to your website is not that good because if the customer bounces out, you have lost him/her. Using landing page directs  them to a page they can easily sign up for free to you mail list which will turn them to a permanent customer. You can send them mails anytime you want and also build a relationship with them. They are your forever

4. Don’t run adverts with low budget:

I believe everybody knows my reasons no need to explain this one. 

5. Don’t target countries:

A lot of questions were asked on this No 5. Is better to target states/cities in a country. For instance; a country has cities that their indigene are believed to be more privileged, like travelling and they have international airports also the same country has cities that have no airport, with less privileged people. Why will you target the whole country if you are a traveller’s agent, is better you target those cities with high privileged indigene, that likes travelling and also have international airports. Capital cities is what i mean. 

6. Don’t forget using audience insight

audience insights tells you a lot about where to target. You won’t see it in a mobile app


7. Don’t forget to target pages:

for example if you are selling an entrepreneurship ebook, target people that like Gary Vaynerchuk, Tony Robins page etc. 

8. Don’t write a short description:

don’t shorten your words, or drop like 3 sentences. try to write a comprehensive write up, that will have a perfect summary of your product/service. 

9. Don’t miss using eye catching images or videos:

an image or video explains a thousand words. So using attractive images/videos are very essential. 

10. Don’t forget to retarget using Facebook pixel: very essential 

11. Don’t forget to use Google trends, use it to know the cities that are searching about your product. 

In conclusion 

I hope i have cleared your doubts, I see myself as an expert in fb marketing. I have bought a lot of courses about it. So avoid these mistakes while running FB & IG Ads

Currently, i am  writing a very thorough article about this topic that will be published in my blog very soon. This article will be about the best strategy to skyrocket your sales in facebook and Instagram ads. 

You can sign up to my mail list to get notified when it drops.

Another issue people have may not be because your facebook ads is not selling. So my advise is, if you are promoting a new product don’t use high budget daily reduce it to at least 5 dollars and run the ads for 3 days do these by doing everything right. If it didn’t sell, then it means the product is not a selling product, don’t buy more them.


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